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Catch Tim, weekdays from 3pm on The Big Drive Home & Sundays from 6am.

What makes you smile?

Our cat, Willow, trying to eat her own tail, lovable furry psychotic idiot.

Favourite sound in the whole world?

My youngest, Rachel, eating crisps, it's the ultimate combination sound of pleasure and concentration.

Which song gets you on the dance floor?

No song ever written, doesn't happen, won't happen, hasn't happened.

What is your claim to fame?

I once was an extra in Heartbeat with Nick Berry, that was one cold boring day I tell you.

Best concert/show you’ve ever been to?

Coldplay at Stadium of Light was amazing, I still have the light up wristband somewhere.

Favourite movie of all time and why?

Close call between Star Wars and Goodfellas. Standard man answer.

Who is the best celebrity you’ve met and why?

Met Kylie once, thought she was going to be all showbizzy and diva-like, couldn't be more wrong, we all just sat drinking tea with her in the kitchen at work!

What is your favourite thing to do/place to go on Wearside?

My family LOVE the seafront - The International Airshow is by far my local highlight of the year.

Tell me one thing about yourself that nobody knows.

I am actually attempting to write a screenplay, no, really! STOP LAUGHING.

What would it say on your tombstone?

Shamelessly stolen from Spike Milligan 'I told you I was ill!' 


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Don't watch the watch!

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Hiya, hope your training is going well for the Siglion Sunderland 10K, and especially good luck if it's the Half Marathon you've signed for.

I have been off work all week, full of busy with housey chores and such, but the training continues apace.

I did 5 days training in a row, powered beforehand by Totum Sport, which is making a real difference to my results. Thanks guys! doing at least a 3 or 4K per day, plus gym work. My theory was that if I could collapse on the sofa afterwards without having to go to work, that would be ok!

On Saturday morning, I did my usual long run. However, seem to be a little obsessed with looking at my phone or Fitbit screen every 10mins or so. I run with an app called Strava, which logs my progress and pace. tim run route 190217But this week, I ignored it for ages, and seemed to get a better time, a watch pot never boils it seems! That's the key!

Tom Haile from Sun FM is running with me on May 7th, and he's skiing this week, let's hope he doesn't come back with any broken bones, I need my moral support on the day!

Happy running everyone!

Posted by Tim West, on 19th March 2017, in Tim's 10k blog.

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