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 AAA sports offers a variety of sports to get involved with including gymnastics, cheerleeding, trampolining and free

running. It is something a little bit different and a lot of fun (I speak from experience). One of the things they are trying

to do is encourage more physical activity in schools, and they are aiming to get into every school in Sunderland

offering a free session. From this the hope is that they can develop more after school clubs. I went along to

Southwick Primary to see how the sessions work. There is nothing to advanced and it really is about getting the kids

active and having fun. Starting with a warm up where they ran around while haveing to jump or stop and hold a pose to

stretching but all in fun ways. The session I was in revolved around different types of rolls, forward, back, teddy bear

were just a few but all lots of fun, all of the children were enjoying it and were very keen to show off their skills.It was

great to see the enthusiasm for this from the kids and certainly is something they were benefitting from.

If you want to find out more about what AAA do you can check out their website here


AAA coach

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