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St Aidens drama group was started by and run by one of the sixth form students David Ford. It is great to see that

someone who has a passion won't sit around waiting for someone else to create something, they do it themselves.

This is certainly echoed by the head of sixth form that I spoke to, she was very impressed with the whole group for

taking on the project. They are in the middle of rehearsals for their latest show which will be 'Buggsy Malone'. They

have some really talented actors and they seem to be having fun with it as well which is half the battle. There are so

many elements to the group and so much to organise which again makes the whole thing more impressive,

considering they are only 17. They coordinate the two schools coming together, they have sets, costume and of

course big personalities to contend with! If you would like to support this group you can get your tickets from the main

office at St Aidens, and the performance will take place on 25th-27th April.

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