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The Most Boring Movie Ever..?

You may have seen Hollywood hits such as La La Land, but have you checked out the peace and tranquility of what some are claiming is the most boring movie ever..!? Baa Baa Land is basically 8 hours of grazing sheep, mint! (Sauce)





Meet the piano playing chicken..!

This feathered wonderbird was a contestant on America's Got Talent.




 Cute toddler hits the Bruno Mars beat drop!

Proving you're never too young to get your funk on..





...When The Chuckle Brothers Were 4!!

We all know the "To Me To You" duo of Barry & Paul Chuckle, but it wasn't always like that. Back in the day The Chuckle Brothers were a foursome, also featuring other brothers Jimmy and Brian. Here they are performing on gameshow 321 back in the day..!


Sesame Street Do The Movies

Check out your favourite Sesame Street stars like Cookie Monster, Big Bird and Bert & Ernie, reciting lines from the biggest movies of all time..!


The Fussiest McDonalds Customer Ever...?

When Twitter user coL_Merchant went to their local golden arches, they took no frills to a whole new level.

cheese slice

They ordered a cheese burger, and then removed every normal accompaniment, including the burger, and the bun, which left, yep, a cheese slice in a cardbord box..!

We wonder if you ask for no cheese too, if you still get the box..?!


Redheads Rejoice!

Orange haired Emojis could be on their way soon. The founder of Emojipedia says that one of the biggest complaints is the lack of a ginger Emoji option.


Nothing has been confirmed yet, but they could start to appear next year..! Great news for all flame haired people on Wearside, and Ed Sheeran alike..!


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